Whatza Runza? (hint) Del cooks them!


Empanadas (pirozhki)
Runza (also called bierrock, fleischkuhe or kraut piork) is a yeast dough bread pocket with a filling consisting of beef, pork, cabbage, or sauerkraut, onions, and seasonings)

Del and Emma Royer  visited his brother, Al who lived in  Omaha Nebraska.  It  was there that the Runza became a staple in the Royer household.  Del and Emma have perfected it over the years sharing the recipe with friends and family.


Never  has a Runza dinner meal been a small setting at the Royer’s.  No, in fact, there must be a requirement to make fifty plus Runza at a time.  It’s like making tamales; you can’t make a dozen because there just won’t be enough for seconds!

Runza’s are wrapped and shared with neighbors, co-workers, family and of course, some  to eat for later.  In Omaha, there are Nebraska Runza Huts.  If he had the energy, Del would probably open up his own Runza shop. Today he lives at Majestic Rim Retirement Living in Payson, Arizona.

This summer, Kathy Bickert, Dining Services Director, suggested to those living at Majestic Rim that she would love for them to share recipes and their food-stories  that make them happy evoking warm memories.

del-6-blog It didn’t take long for Del to  share his family recipe of the Omaha Runza.  He also  offered to teach Chef Kathy the proper techniques that are required for this tasty bread pocket of deliciousness.  They agreed on a date for our own guest chef to prepare an amazing meal for all the residents, team members, and guests.  Draped in proper attire and new chef jacket, Del went to work with Kathy at his side.

Not tiring from the tasks, Del blended the tasty ingredients perfectly.  They rolled the dough to the perfect dimensions and folded each Runza with precision.  You see, Del loves to cook, teach others and treats everyone with love and goodness.  He is not looking for compliments for himself, but giving to others brings him true joy.

The one hundred (yes 100!) Runza were a hit, some requesting seconds!  Working in a kitchen lifted Del’s heart and spirit.  A delicious and heartwarming project!


I would love to share more with you about  Del Royer

Del is proud to be 88 years old and he celebrated his birthday this past June.  He’s a complete extrovert and social butterfly.  As a young man growing up on a dairy, he went to school until he finished sixth grade when he was needed to stay home to work on the farm.

The dairy was a family business and he and his brothers worked long days.  His hard work, business ethics and honest beliefs offered many opportunities which included becoming a deep sea diver in the US Navy. He  later attended junior college and went on to higher education and graduated from a California university.

Del ultimately completed his Master’s degree in Education.  One of his career positions was serving as the superintendent of the California School for the Deaf.  To this day Del still converses with his wife Emma using sign language.  He served children as a teacher, vice principal, principal, consultant, administrator and superintendent.  He retired from the LA School District in 1988.    There is nothing Del cannot conquer!  Married for over 60 years to Emma they have raised four wonderful children (three boys and a girl, and blessed with many grandchildren and great grandchildren).

What’s next for Del? Homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream!  As a gift to you, Del Royer shares his Omaha Runza Recipe, the infamous-omaha-runza

Our guest author is Cristine Royer, Community Relations Director At Majestic Rim in Payson, Arizona

I absolutely love meeting people for the first time and sharing the culture of Majestic Rim. The feeling you receive from this cris-royer-blogcommunity is “WELCOME.”  Welcome home as the residents would say.  The emotional connection is contagious and you get a sense of family, openness, excitement, care and friendship.  That is a genuine feeling and it’s a lot like being home with family.  There is never a day I don’t get inspired by our residents with their gracious comments and personal stories.  Often when I arrive to work I’m greeted with morning hellos and an invitation to join them for coffee.  Others will offer a compliment about my high-heeled shoes and talk about the days they wore classy pumps to work or when going out on the town and then giggle about comfort vs. style! They teach me about life, what’s important and what’s not. Take time for the little things and share your love to others.  Hugs, hugs, hugs and more hugs.  From residents, doggies, family members, staff and guests ~ that’s who we are at Majestic Rim!  (Oh, by the way, I am the daughter-in-law of Dan and Emma Royer too!)

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