What does your Crescendo look like?

Life is a series of events that, when put together, write your story. The next chapter is up to you. Always strive to write it better than the one before. . .your Crescendo.

My story

I have moved through my life, guided by the silent anticipation and stereotype of what each stage of my life should look like. I became focused on seeking certain expectations, or landmarks so to speak, that I thought I needed to achieve during each decade as I aged with the vision of my future during my teens hitting its pinnacle when I hit middle-age. And then, all of a sudden I found myself sitting at that pinnacle. That age where I realized that I am now on the cusp of a stage in my life that seemed so far away – elderhood.  While the story I have written so far is good, it is not really what I envisioned and it sure isn’t over.

I have started to think about what aging looks like and how I will wear it as I move closer to that reality. Will I have blue-gray hair? Will I use a walker? Will I have to give up my drivers license? Will I shuffle when I walk? Will I view it as a time of life where I sit in a rocking chair waiting for the inevitable? Will it be considered a time when living becomes viewed as ‘going through the motions’ just to get through a day?

As I enter my sixth decade of life I am one of 108.7 million folks age 50-plus.

  • This includes 76.4 million boomers (born 1946-64), compared with 49 million Gen Xers and 82 million millennials.
  • Moreover, people 50-plus will continue to grow over the next decade to the tune of 19 million vs. a growth of only 6 million for the 18-49 population.

My life is a book, with chapters created from every milestone, moment, or mundane/routine/ordinary day I have lived so far. Some chapters are thicker, happier, or more exciting than others, but these scripts are what build the story of my life.

Age loudly!  Age intensely!

Crescendo…used as a verb, it means to increase in loudness or intensity. I associate this word with music, mystery novels, movies, dramatic tv shows, and the list goes on. But I have never thought to use that word to define my life…until now.

We are supposed to get better, smarter, more vibrant, wiser with age, not simply exist to mark time. There are a lot of people out there just like me wanting to change the face of aging, to change our perception of what our elderhood will look like.

So grab that pen, write that next chapter, and create your crescendo. I know I am.

Age loudly. Live intensely.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 1.01.04 PMAbout the author: Tina Woodcock is the Graphic Designer at Compass Senior Living in Eugene, Oregon. Tina creates all of the print advertising for 21 Compass Senior Living communities in 7 different states. She takes great pride in sharing the goodness, loyalty, faith, and fun of all of our communities.

2 thoughts on “What does your Crescendo look like?

  1. The music is in a crescendo, increasing louder. A crescendo frequently occurs in a huge gathering of individuals who are conversing. This term originates from classical music, where the volume of the instruments’ playing is crucial. Despite our youthful pessimism towards aging, a rising collection of scientific evidence demonstrates that life generally becomes better with age. When my parents transfer to https://silvergaterr.com/, I see it firsthand and see how happy they are. They become more adaptable and resilient, happier, and less worried. They expand their friendships and knowledge while turning their attention away from the unpleasant and toward the good.

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  2. I truly enjoyed this post. It is so true. Some of us are blessed with youth, into our seventies and even eighties. I have seen some of my friends age before their time. Yes, there are situations beyond ones control, but I just can’t help thinking it is our own personal attitude that keeps us from giving in. Some of it is our choice. To me, aging means being the best I can be at the stage I am in. It may mean I don’t ski down a slope as quickly as I use to, it may mean I don’t turn heads any longer. However, if I can ski down the slope of life and look in the mirror and say “I love you”, then I can say I have done well. Thank you Tina for giving me inspirations today. And thank you for your gift of art! Niki

    Niki Hill, Community Relations Director Shorewood Senior Living 1451 Spruce Street Florence, OR 97439 nhill@shorewoodsl.com http://www.shorewoodsl.com

    On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 6:08 AM, True North Elderhood wrote:

    > jeangarbo posted: “Life is a series of events that, when put together, > write your story. The next chapter is up to you. Always strive to write it > better than the one before. . .your Crescendo. My story I have moved > through my life, guided by the silent anticipation and st” >

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