Always stay humble and kind

I work in the Senior Housing Industry. As we deal with the everyday stressors of running our communities, an angry family member, an employee who doesn’t show up to work, a vendor that doesn’t provide a service in a timely manner, we can become reactive to the situation and often times defensive.  It’s taken me many years to learn how to deal with these issues and here’s how I do it:

  • I try to stop to think for a moment what that angry family member might be going through, why that employee didn’t show up to work, the reason that vendor is late and put myself in their shoes for just a split second.
  • Maybe I can be more understanding and not so reactive or defensive.
  • When I find myself reacting or getting defensive, I take a deep breath, excuse myself, and walk away for a moment.
  • Then I resolve to meet the situation head-on with a clear head and a kind heart.

It feels great to let go of anger, not hold a grudge, and move on with the belief that when I do the right things, good things will come to me and everyone else around me.

I have a favorite saying, which has become my mantra in life: “Always stay humble and kind.”  When dealing with situations that are not ideal, I remember these words, and only then am I in control of my actions.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 5.04.23 AMUnderstanding others, not taking things personally, and living up to my personal expectations of myself of staying humble and kind has been a personal growth intention. Life is an evolution of our spirits as we seek to be the very best version of ourselves – climbing  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs   pyramid to someday becoming self-actualized.

This  is a personal journey and a quest for all of us.

How will you reach self-actualization?



About the author:   Candis Willis, Director of Operations – Western Region Compass Senior Living

img_0434Candis lives in Redding, California. She says, “The  best part of this work is connecting with residents and seeing them flourish when they thought life would be over because of leaving their homes.”   Candis loves having the opportunity each day to give back to elders a portion of what they have given to many others.    Candis believes everything happens for a reason, and even though life isn’t always easy, we have the opportunity to learn and grow from each and every experience. Playing with her grandchildren, enjoying the outdoors, yard work, and hiking are her favorite pastimes with her family.


One thought on “Always stay humble and kind

  1. Consider others. We pick up on this information from everyone around us, including our parents, teachers, peers, relatives, and friends. When I was younger, I used to look up to older people who were successful, had several degrees, or had a large following. As I become older, I have a greater appreciation for those who are soft and kind, and who present themselves as kind and modest people. My parents taught me the same thing, and because they are already residents of a retirement home,, they have been able to pass down these skills to the other residents.


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