Virginia Poethig


Lived Everywhere

I was born in Iowa, very cold country – cold country. I have lived in many places. My husband was in the military. I was in Guam for a year. I have been in the Middle East with my daughter and her husband. He was working for a gas company, so they invited me over there and I went for a year over there. I have been to a lot of the states, I have lived in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and I could name some more, but I can’t think of them right now.


Interviewer: What memory of Guam sticks out for you?

Probably Emilio, who was my houseboy who was really really good to me. My husband decided I didn’t need help. That I had enough time on my hands that I didn’t need to have help, so he wanted me to fire my help. I told Emilo, and he said, “I come and work for you for nothing.” He said, “Because I think you need me to be there.” So he came to work for me, and I slipped money to him when nobody was looking. He is my memory from there a lot, because he was really good to me. The only thing we used to laugh about is – my daughter had dresses with sashes, and he would forget to iron the sashes. He would iron the dresses beautifully, but he would forget to iron the sashes so I would have to tell him and he would have to get the iron out and iron the sashes I remember Emilio.


OK Guam – the mean temperature in Guam was 85 degrees. The mean temperature, meaning that most of the time the temperature was 85 or more or less, but usually 85. It rained a lot. When we went to the movies, the movies were outside, so we took a poncho with us. Every time it rained, we pull the ponchos up over our heads. When it quit raining, we put the poncho down. I have gone through a lot of rainstorms.
There were a lot of Filipinos in Guam. They came over there to work, and they made very little money. I had a houseboy that came to my house every other week for two hours, and ironed and cleaned. The people there are very nice. They are pretty….uh…I don’t know exactly how to describe what they are like. There’s Hawaiians and there are all kinds of different nationalities there. I liked it. I liked it there!

Guam – Bugs

I was there for a year with my husband, and I used to go swimming in the ocean. I loved that. There were a lot of things there that I really, really liked and other things I didn’t like! I didn’t like the bugs. There were lots and lots of bugs. But otherwise I liked it.

Sandwich Bug

I ate in a restaurant down on the island, and there was a bug in my sandwich, a dead one. And I didn’t like that much. It was not my favorite thing that happened over there. They asked me if I wanted them to fix me another one, and I said, “No thank you!” That was enough!